50 Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

Being knowledgeable about some things do not often come easy and most times, we are certain we don’t know, but WE DO. especially in fashion and all we need are tips from experts, and designers to validate what we know. But, while reading about stuff, we often miss tiny details and other people views to them. Like they say, the devil is in the details. If you were wishing that it’d be nice to have a list that states it all out for you, HERE IT IS!;  50 Fashion Tips that will come in handy for every girl – whether you are a college chick or a lady boss. Ready? Let’s do this.

1. For Beginners, Know Your Body Type

The type of body one has helps to determine fashion sense would fit.

2. Wear The Right Bra

Wearing the right underwear is essential for both health and fashion. You need to know your size and comfort offered if used.

3. Invest In Good Lingerie

4. Own Classics – Trench, Leather, Denim Jackets

Classics like these are timeless, and every girl needs trench coats, leather pants and jackets in her closet. 5. There’s Nothing Red Pumps Cannot Solve

Pumps are great, but red pumps are legendary. The kind of confidence a red pump gives is next to none!

6. Scarves – Come A Long Way In All Seasons

Woolen, silk, satin, linen,. – you need it all. Different ones for different seasons.

7. Denim – Find Your Fit And Save It For Life

Knowing the type of denim that fits your body type can never go wrong except to boast pride..

8. Understand The Color Wheel

You shouldn’t wear more than three colors, so knowing your colour wheel can help save you the time of selecting your wears.

9. Wash Your Clothes The Right Way

While washing, ensure the same type of fabric and colour goes together with specific detergents.

10. Layer your outfit to camouflage any unflattering flab, add definition to amp up your look.

11. Chambray, Plaid, And Denim Shirts Are A Must, you need these

12. Organize Your Closet Every Three Months

capsule wardrobe is a concept many women are turning towards and enjoying the benefits of. If you think that it will not work for you, at least organize your closet once in a while and discard the ones you don’t use anymore

13. Impulsive Shopping – MAKE IT STOP

Buying a dress just because it is on sale and at discounted price doesn’t mean you have to buy it. STOP IT!

14. Prepare – Practice The Mantra

Make a list of what you would like to buy. This will prevent you from overspending.

15. Accessorize Your Outfits Away

Getting the accessories necessary to fit your wears- office, party etc.

16. Every Girl Needs AN LBD – Get One ASAP                                                                                                                                                            

17. Master The Art Of Tucking

18. Always Have A Few Fashion Tips Up Your Sleeve

Always have one or two tips up your sleeves.

19. Play With Prints And Patterns

Playing with patterns and prints is an art in itself. Some have a natural knack for working with prints, some of us need to learn them. There’s nothing Google cannot help you with, so prepare yourself and act like a pro.

20. Don’t Mix Too Many Colors Or Prints Or Both

Colorful florals with plain skirts or bottoms, or printed dresses with plain accessories and shoes are good

21. For Long Legs – Match Your Shoes With Trousers You’re welcome!

22. Let One Color Pop At One Time

Wear one bright color at a time and let that pop.

23. Own Pieces You Can Use More Than One Way; plain tops, dresses and skirts

24. Make Fleece Leggings Your BFF (In Winter)

25. Remember – Leggings With Long Tops

26. Combat Boots Are A Classic Too

27. Balance Out Loose With Tight

Keep one part of your outfit loose and the rest tight, depending on your body type.

28. Athleisure Is Catching Up – You Need Some

Invest in good athleisure wear; wearing sloppy sweatpants to the gym is not cool anymore.

29. Recycle-Upcycle-Reuse

30. Hem Your Pants – Should Ideally Be At The Top Of This List And Yours Too

Always, always, hem your pants – nothing is more unflattering than folded denim or trousers.

31. Master The Art Of Color Blocking

32. Buy Belts – Both Big And Slim

Sometimes, you need chunky belts, and sometimes, the slimmer kinds for different occasions. So, keep them both handy.

33. Pay Attention To The Details

Pop your outfit with as little details as you can.

34. Explore Nude Lipsticks And Pumps

35. When Wearing White, Choose Proper Innerwear

If you can carry whites, nothing like it. Also, choose seamless panties and perfect bras.

36. Between Horizontal And Vertical Stripes – Always Choose Vertical

Petite women – vertical stripes make you look taller; plus sized women, these create an illusion and make you look slimmer. It’s always the better choice out of the two, but suit yourself.

37. In Winters, Outerwear Is Your Best Bet – Spruce It Up

If you get three to six months of winter, you know how boring dressing up can be and how depressing life can get. So as much as you can, have a lot of outwears.

38. Have At Least One Interesting Animal Print Piece

39. Take A Cue From The Seasons

Fall is about the checkered shirts and camel boots, while winters are about woolen scarves and fancy coats (if you are lucky), summers mean shorts, dresses, and life at its beautiful best – so take a cue from them, follow trends, and look pretty always.

40. Know The Difference Between A Day And A Night Dress

A sequined dress is for a night party, a floral one is for the day, and anything in between is for the evening – tread cautiously.


41. Know Your Best Feature – And Show It Off, Always

Be it your curves, booty, legs or an hourglass figure. All your outfits should work towards enhancing your best features.

42. Experiment With Denim – Distressed, Bootcut, Boyfriend

43. Blazer Up, Sometimes

44. Pantsuits, Jumpsuits, And Tracksuits Are Evergreen

It might seem like they are taking a break, but they will always find their way back into the clothing line. But, if they do take a break, it’s never considered dated to wear these, they are always gorgeously worn.

45. Learn A Few Hairstyles That Are Versatile

The messy bun is nice, I’m not arguing that, but also learn to do a few more hairstyles and enjoy it as well.

46. Makeup – Know What Works For You

47. There’s Never A Wrong Time To Wear Red Lipstick

Ruby Woo, Dior’s Rouge or Chanel’s Pirate – you need these or the deepest shade of red in your cosmetic closet. And don’t listen to them – it’s always a good time to wear a red lipstick, brings out a bold you.

48. Know When To Cinch The Waist, And When Not To

Sometimes, cinching at the waist works like magic, and sometimes, it falls flat on our face. make enquiries, get the best look.

49. Make sure to have shoes that match up with your closet, black can never be too much.

50. Lastly, Be Confident

Nothing, nothing works as confidence does. And, unfortunately, there’s no workaround to this one. Be you, be beautiful.

All said and done, there are no hard and fast rules for fashion, only guidelines, tips, and expert advice. If you think something works for you, go ahead by all means. If you think we forgot to mention something in here, please drop in a message in the comments section below.